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Hundred Years haunted Mension Relau,Penang

The drive from Relau “Kei Tak Sek” food court only take 5 minutes and surprisingly the haunted bungalow just located beside a recreation park. It is so wired, how come this haunted building is still located beside the “Taman Metropolis Relau”. 

This is the view from outside the haunted scence. I was dare enough to get close for photo, while Micheal waiting for me inside the car.

According to the local legend here this building has been here for hundred years. This building is very strange, there is a swimming pool inside this mansion. Normally, the swimming pool will be build outside the house instead. However, this one is so wired.

It is learnt that a woman committed suicide in the swimming pool at the mansion after her parents objected to her relationship with a man. Another rumour has it that two people drowned in the pool, of whom one was the owner’s son. Nearby residents dare not venture near the mansion at night.
The Star Newspaper even interview a factory operator M. David Raj, 19, who hangs out there with his friends and cousins for the past five years, said he had on several occasions smelt fish curry while they were there at about 7pm. A friend who uttered some vulgar words was sent tumbling down the stairs and a nun claimed that she saw many souls there .
I only managed to take the pictures of surounding area only without exploring deeper as the time is getting late.
You can see there is a temple that built just next to the haunted mansion. It is said that this will keep the souls inside the mansion so that they will not leave this place to hurt people.

St Michael’s Institution, Ipoh

A group of Catholics missionaries arrived here in 1912 and began building a school next to the famous Kinta River.  

It did not take long for the missionary brothers who ran the school to have enough funds to erect a huge school building with unique French structural design. When the WW2 broke out, the school was used but Japanese secret police as their headquarters. Needless to say, there were lots of torturing carried out.

The buidling itself had many tunnels which had been sealed off and the tunnels were said to be used by the Japanese to torture prisoners and to store food. Most of the sightings occurs in the Chapel on the fourth floor of the bluiding where a Brother was seen dressed in a black robe holding praying beands in a sitting position facing towards the door (which leads to the brothers quarters) in the very early morning without a head. Those who had witnessed it were asked to keep it a secret.


“Last two tickets for the day, last two tickets” That is the call for people who want to travel in the “tunnel” from SMI to “Main Convent”.

Is there a tunnel at St Michael's? If yes, where is it? Tunnels have been discovered at the High Court, Railways Station and even the police station. It is not impossible to have one at St Michael's. There is no smoke without fire. Generations of Michaelians had this question and the only answer given by the Brothers or fellow Michaelians is “There is no such thing as a “tunnel” at SMI”.

Michaelians being Michaelians, never giving up their quest for the truth and have found a lead in solving the mystery. Since there is no way leading to the “tunnel” from the Chubb Door under the grand granite staircase, the only way will be from somewhere else.

“Mystery is finally resolved”

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Kota Belud, Sabah


If you came to Kota Belud, you'll you might be able to see a ghost that popular in the area that called as Hantu Penanggalan

( Ghost Removal ) – The infamous Balan-balan to Sabahans. Possibly the most famous of ghosts in rural Sabah, even having the district of Kota Belud supposedly famous for their numerous existences there. They prey on pretty much anyone, but have a preference for pregnant women and newborn babies.

Personally, in my own home village, we have a road where you can often hear they’re hoarse cackling (a cross between a caw and a laugh) and dogs would howl in succession as if ‘following’ its movements, as well as stories (some from my own relatives) of their presence during their pregnancy, after their pregnancy or during childbirth. It is probably the only ghost type that I don’t dare to dismiss, especially when you see all sorts of people willing to hang lime branches at their doors and windows to ward them off…



Ghost removal or also known as ghost” Tengelong” in Kedah or” Balan-balan” in Sabah, referring to a woman, who claim to an interest in black magic. Those who seek knowledge are able to separate the head with their body and their head can fly with the gut-apart unravel. Blood was dripping in their gut is believed to be poisonous and can cause sores to those who affected. Those who seek knowledge “penanggalan”vinegar usually will keep for fermenting their stomach muscles to shrink before the merge log back into their original body. Reliable if they found the body and reverse, their heads will be merged in reverse, with the secret will be revealed. “ Penanggalan” reliable blood like women who delivered, and if they suck the blood of women who is delivered will die of maternity bloodshed. Therefore, women usually give birth around the house (first time the house built on stilts) placed a prickly leaves such as pine leaves. Reliable removal is scared to get near the house for fear of his intestines thorn stuck to the leaves. If removal of head fly, it is believed to be sparkling white light, from their stomach muscles that exploded.

Ways to prevent the removal of allegedinterference by placing a thorny leaves, such aspine leaves, underthe new parents' home confinement. This is saidbecause the ghost removal of barbedafraid the house for fear of their gut stuck on the thorns.


Those who keep the ghost removal said will be able to remove the head andstomach veins andfly them to findwomen giving birth for the feedingremoval. After they eat, said the removalpractitioners will immerse them into the abdominalveins jar containingvinegar for shrinking the stomach before gettingback into their original body.

One way which is said to be the most effective way to identify the owner of the removal is by turning the body without the head and left when they were out looking for prey. This is because when they come back, the head will be attached inversely with their bodies causing their heads together towards the back. Head facing the back of the body.

The ghost removal is said to be preserved by the women for the purpose of preserving property and, to destroy the hated enemy or owners. the ghost removal is a delicate creature reared by humans. It should be fed according to a specific period, usually with the blood of women after childbirth. Additionally the ghost removal should be passed on to someone a replacement before his master died as a perennial. If his master died before he could find a replacement, the ghost removal ghost will live wild and disturb nearby residents. Practitioners of magic or science this is an act of misguided syrik in Islam.

The ghost practitioners will tough to get a zuriat because of her inside are considerated hot will kill the fetus if not properly cared for. The ghost removal may be the way people in the past to explain the rate of maternal mortality is high in rural village. Indirectly, this suggests that the mortality rate during labor is very high in the past.



You can watch the video below to know how does the Penanggal look like.



Highland Towers

The Highland Towers collapse was an apartment building collapse that occurred on 11 December 1993 in Taman Hillview, Ulu Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. The collapse of Block One of the apartments caused the deaths of 48 people and led to the complete evacuation of the other two blocks due to safety concerns. On 11 December 2010, in collaboration with the seventeenth anniversary of the incident, AETN's History Channel showed an hour-long documentary on the tragedy, with accounts from the victims, their families and former residents. The place is said to be "keras" due to the spirits of the dead victims

As readers know, me and my crew of 666 paranormal researchers cases visited Highland Towers at midnight on July 2. Wednesday afternoon, I contacted Azree Ja'far, and told me the exciting news. Before any joint let us consider the images I shoot using Canon Power Shot G12 camera in the living units in the condominium block is still standing.

The following images are recorded between the hours of 2:32 and 2:34 am.

Through experience, I would like to share with all readers, usually the presence of orbs regarded as a clear signal the existence of other paranormal entities.

Blogger, Green Apple I describes the information on "orbs" in his blog earlier today. At a time when the recording is done, I still remember, Grace Mokhtar screaming ... "Huh! Look IR Thermometer readings is going crazy!". Base temperature, about 80 ° F drop dramatically. Note the reading on the screen Infrared, IR Thermometer, held by Grace.

For the record, paranormal researchers believe that, if the temperature rises or falls dramatically with the range of plus minus 10 ° F, the clear signal the existence of paranormal entities in the vicinity. Let us examine the pictures recorded Azree in the same space.

I show the same picture in the form of night vision and heat sensor mode.

I recalled that, at the time the recording was made, no airplane crossing the air space above the block review.
More odd, white entities that look 'wet' in the red looks like the head, the right end. For the record, among the 48 victims killed in the tragedy of 11 December 1993, infants aged 6 months and older, 76 years. 666 crew does not intend to make any speculation on the identity of the entity involved, but we ask readers to menyedekahkan Muslim reading Al-Fatihah to all victims of the same religion killed in the horrific incident.

 Resource : www.mazidulakmal.com/

Return to the Pudu Jail

Posted by Arwin John in Paranormal Investigation Report

In April 9 2012, 11.30pm I revisited the Pudu Prison for my forth investigation to conduct my solo ghost research at the famous Pudu Prison. Previously, i had successfully captured tons of amazing video evidence of spirits that haunt the Pudu prison, especially at the famous first floor corridor where a black apparition keeps appearing to show itself upon the request i made towards the spirit of the dead.

As I return to this notorious prison that is well known for its darkest history and all the bloodshed during the World War 2, the haunting thoughts of former inmates, prisoners and those who had died here during World War 2 begin to brew within my mind. Sensing the residue of the past dark history, I once again feel what it’s like to be within a small and dark cell equipped with a window only the size of a shoebox. I took my usual walk to feel the surrounding of the prison and to get in touch with my inner soul to make contact with the spirit’s than is still emotionally tied to the grounds of the haunted Pudu prison cells.


In my previous visit, the Pudu prison used to be a in x shape but now all it remains is the y shape. Part of the wing corridor has been brought down due to the deconstruction of the prison. To my surprise, now I noticed most of the supporting pillars were destroyed as well leaving only pathways that is too dangerous for anyone to walk on. From all this fast paced deconstruction works, I don’t think the Pudu jail will even survive till December. It might be totally brought down completely, earlier than I thought.


I continued walking and feeling the place for about fifteen minutes and during that walk, I heard a sound of a prison cell door shutting which was very loud but I could not identify from where the noise came since it was pitch dark and i could barely make out which direction the sound was coming from nor which cell door shut by itself. It’s definitely a paranormal experience as I was the only person inside the entire Pudu prison. As i approached the first floor corridor where i had success in my previous investigation, I began to feel a sudden change in my emotions as if there is a spirit trying to communicate with my through emotions. I picked up the same feelings and energy that i picked up previously in my investigation at this exact point of the first floor corridor. I realized once again, that is the sign and a pointer where i will be placing my video camera for the night. I quickly placed my video camera’s aiming towards the corridor. It was the exact place where I had captured multiple spirits appearing in the form of black apparition. That night I was confident as I know I will capture something great. I began to talk to the spirits saying” this might be my last investigation while the Pudu prison is still intact before it’s completely brought down and i hope all of you will show me all the spirit configuration that is available in front of my video camera” and” please show your appearance in front of my video camera so I can share my research findings to everyone and understand life after death”. With that being said, i left my Sony night vision video camera running as i approach down to the ground floor.

As i was in the ground floor, the emotional feelings and spirit communication that i received through my mind and feelings begin to evaporate and i felt normal. There was the feeling of heaviness when i was upstairs in the first floor but as i get down to the ground floor it’s a much pleasant feeling. Those who are not used to dusty environment or confined place may find walking in the Pudu prison as something that is heart pumping and completely uneasy. Since the location is under deconstruction, there were lots of dust and debris everywhere. It can be hard to breath at some point due to lack of oxygen and extremely dusty and confined environment which even I find it hard to be in for more than 25 minutes. I had to get out of the building just to catch some fresh air and re-balance myself before i continue getting in to continue my investigation. It was that bad and stuffy. It’s extremely humid and hot while being inside. Imagine those prisoners who have been in their prison cell for the rest of their life’s not being able to see their loved ones, family, friends and above all when the time comes for them to be hung at the hanging chamber. It’s simply pure emotion and heaviness. The cries, sadness and anger still echoes within the prison cells.

My investigation lasted for about 2 hours. I spend about half an hour taking photographs around the ground floor while at the same time i experienced whispers as if someone is talking but it only lasted for a few seconds. It was difficult to conduct any voice recording due to the location itself that is located in the middle of the busy roads of Kuala Lumpur. On top of that, the sound of crickets was another factor why I can’t conduct any voice recording. There were too much sound pollution and contamination. I did an entire sweep of the location using my electromagnetic field meter but nothing was registered as something that was paranormal in nature. Although i had lots of personal experiences, but nothing was registered in the measurement devices that i was carrying with me. As time pasts, i was extremely exhausted and tired. I check my watch it was already 2.50am. During the last 10 minutes of my recording, i confidently went up to the first floor corridor to collect my video cameras. As i collected my cameras, I wished the spirits “thank you for helping me in my investigations and thank you for showing yourself in front of my video camera for helping me understand spirit configuration. “Hope to see you all again soon and good night.” After saying that, i immediately packed everything and headed down to the ground floor as I made my exit from the great Pudu Jail at sharp 3am. It was a great night being able to investigate one of my favourite locations in Malaysia. As I exit the entire building, i catch a glimpse of the pudu jail for one last time and headed straight to my hotel which is just opposite the Pudu prison.

The following day i reviewed my entire footage of video that was taken at Pudu Prison. In to the second minute of the entire video, out came the black apparition that was previously captured at the same first floor corridor at the Pudu Prison. This investigation was not only a success, but a amazing success. The spirits of the Pudu prison was kind enough to accept my request and show themselves in many different and multiple spirit configurations. The entire research findings and review will be updated next week. Not 1, not 2, not 3, but more than 4 spirits in the form black apparition was captured in Pudu Prison. Be patient, as i will upload the videos soon. Once again, Malaysian Paranormal Research has decoded the mystery and the haunting of the famous Pudu Prison. Malaysian Paranormal Research in the fist ever team and organization to investigate the Pudu prison using scientific equipments and high standards and protocols. Malaysian Paranormal Research is also the first ever organization to capture evidence of spirit’s at the Pudu prison.

Below is the official blue print and the plan of Pudu Prison and some other pictures.

You also can watch the video about Pudu Jail  and the captured spirit on camera below.

Haunted Karak Highway

Most of Malaysian people already know and familiar with the story about the Karak Highway.  The road is reported as a haunted road and many fatal accidents involving fatalities occur on the road. Not only accidents, but many stories by the drivers that seen “something” on the route were also reported.


Karak Highway was first built in 1970 and first opened to the public in 1977. This highway connects Kuala Lumpur to Karak and about 60.0 km away. This highway has a pair of tunnels in the famous resort of Genting Highlands.

Among the most popular is an accident on January 20, 1990, in which 17 people were killed, including 11 people when FRU member suffered collision between a vehicle with a truck, a bus and 10 cars. According to the story, are many who want to avoid traffic jams follow the Karak old road (going back KL). But almost 80% of people here are not only night, even at the middle of the day blind had turned back. Reasons already can not stand to bear the horror!

Here is a list of common ghost appeared and became the talk of the nearest population:

· Yellow Volkswagen
· School Boy (wandering)
· Riders Motor (Head no body unavailable)
· Female Bring Son (tombstone)
· Pocong
· Old bus
· Elderly women
· Langsuir / Pontianak
· Ghost that attack people (some think it is a cryptid creatures)
From the various types of ghosts mentioned, just a few that popular and become the talk which are the yellow Volkswagen, pontianak, ghost that eat people, and the school boy. Here are some of true horror story in Karak Highway.

Story 1 : Mystery of the yellow Volkswagen
The story of a yellow Volkswagen cars that are considered haunted, which often disrupt travel around Karak highway. Yellow Volkswagen's ghost began to disrupt the vehicles on the road since 1956, but not significantly, and the public has yet to consider it something that need to care of.
But since the NSE was built across the area named Jelapang, it is increasingly apparent of the yellow Volkswagen appeared to interfere with vehicles passing there. The cause is believed to have started from a story of an unfaithful wife who killed her husband in cold blood and then seized the yellow Volkswagen car belonging to her husband. The husband died while saving the smoldering resentments to repossess the yellow Volkswagen.

The yellow Volkswagen would appear suddenly and if the driver is overtaking the car, it will be at the forefront of a sudden. It is believed that the accident occurred due to disruption of a yellow Volkswagen.
According to UIA student experience, coming from Gombak heading Temerloh with motorcycle had through and bumped with yellow car on the highway in 2009 in the evening at about 7:30. Because he knows the mystery, he just take baby steps and do not cut off the car. The car is traveling without a guide.

Yellow Volkswagen that will suddendly appear and
always disturb drivers at night

Story 2 : School Boy (Wondering)
There are a few of Karak road users that "lucky" going to meet a boy who wanders around it. The boy said is looking for his mother. According to the story at one time there was an accident happened here. Believed the accident occurred because the passenger in the car was not cursing safety seat belt while driving. In the accident, the mother of the boy had been thrown out of the car. While the boy remained in the car. Because of it, the boy was wandering in search of her mother until now.

That is the story of a ghost boy who lost his mother and looking for her on the highway. Some people say when the accident happened, the boy who sat at the front, while his mother as a driver. In the accident, windscreen and glass pierced into the boy's eyes.
The school boy who wondering at the Karak Highway looking for his mother

Story 3 : Ghost that attack people
Story begins when a family (a couple with a child about 2 years old) heading to the east coast and suddently their car died while over the Karak highway. So the husband try to check when there was smoke coming out from his car and he reliase that the radiator parched.
Initially, they just wait in the car with the hope that the PLUS patrol will come and provide assisstence but after a long wait, there was no vehicle through the road. So the husbad decide to find other alternative. He picked up a few bottles to search for water and ask his wife to stay in the car with their baby. The husband continued to drop down the highway to search for water.
Shortly after the husband away from the car to search for water, the wife shocked because there's something big fall and hit ​​the roof of the car. The car was shaking and sound like a wild animal is working on something. The wife embraced her baby in fear. Not long after the sound gone, the PLUS patrol came.
While ordering the wife and son out from car and asking the wife to follow them to the office, one of the officers warned the wife not to look back. The wife who still in shocked and want to know about her husband continue look back she saw her husband body have been torn violently at the roof of their car. The wife became insane after the incident.
According to the story that have been told by the PLUS patrol, when they doing their usual routine patrol they saw from afar a car stranded on the side highway. But when they closer, they saw a board resembling apes lord is perched at the top of the car while tearing on something. When they are getting close to it, the creature looking back and it jumped towards the adjacent forest. Then they went straight to the car to investigate the situation.
* Just illustration

Many other road users had experiencing strange things along the Karak route.
Here have a link attached to read more on the haunted Karak Highway.

• http://www.kosmo.com.my/kosmo/cari.asp?Str=misteri+karak&Action=Search&stype=kw&sb=ra