Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Kota Belud, Sabah


If you came to Kota Belud, you'll you might be able to see a ghost that popular in the area that called as Hantu Penanggalan

( Ghost Removal ) – The infamous Balan-balan to Sabahans. Possibly the most famous of ghosts in rural Sabah, even having the district of Kota Belud supposedly famous for their numerous existences there. They prey on pretty much anyone, but have a preference for pregnant women and newborn babies.

Personally, in my own home village, we have a road where you can often hear they’re hoarse cackling (a cross between a caw and a laugh) and dogs would howl in succession as if ‘following’ its movements, as well as stories (some from my own relatives) of their presence during their pregnancy, after their pregnancy or during childbirth. It is probably the only ghost type that I don’t dare to dismiss, especially when you see all sorts of people willing to hang lime branches at their doors and windows to ward them off…



Ghost removal or also known as ghost” Tengelong” in Kedah or” Balan-balan” in Sabah, referring to a woman, who claim to an interest in black magic. Those who seek knowledge are able to separate the head with their body and their head can fly with the gut-apart unravel. Blood was dripping in their gut is believed to be poisonous and can cause sores to those who affected. Those who seek knowledge “penanggalan”vinegar usually will keep for fermenting their stomach muscles to shrink before the merge log back into their original body. Reliable if they found the body and reverse, their heads will be merged in reverse, with the secret will be revealed. “ Penanggalan” reliable blood like women who delivered, and if they suck the blood of women who is delivered will die of maternity bloodshed. Therefore, women usually give birth around the house (first time the house built on stilts) placed a prickly leaves such as pine leaves. Reliable removal is scared to get near the house for fear of his intestines thorn stuck to the leaves. If removal of head fly, it is believed to be sparkling white light, from their stomach muscles that exploded.

Ways to prevent the removal of allegedinterference by placing a thorny leaves, such aspine leaves, underthe new parents' home confinement. This is saidbecause the ghost removal of barbedafraid the house for fear of their gut stuck on the thorns.


Those who keep the ghost removal said will be able to remove the head andstomach veins andfly them to findwomen giving birth for the feedingremoval. After they eat, said the removalpractitioners will immerse them into the abdominalveins jar containingvinegar for shrinking the stomach before gettingback into their original body.

One way which is said to be the most effective way to identify the owner of the removal is by turning the body without the head and left when they were out looking for prey. This is because when they come back, the head will be attached inversely with their bodies causing their heads together towards the back. Head facing the back of the body.

The ghost removal is said to be preserved by the women for the purpose of preserving property and, to destroy the hated enemy or owners. the ghost removal is a delicate creature reared by humans. It should be fed according to a specific period, usually with the blood of women after childbirth. Additionally the ghost removal should be passed on to someone a replacement before his master died as a perennial. If his master died before he could find a replacement, the ghost removal ghost will live wild and disturb nearby residents. Practitioners of magic or science this is an act of misguided syrik in Islam.

The ghost practitioners will tough to get a zuriat because of her inside are considerated hot will kill the fetus if not properly cared for. The ghost removal may be the way people in the past to explain the rate of maternal mortality is high in rural village. Indirectly, this suggests that the mortality rate during labor is very high in the past.



You can watch the video below to know how does the Penanggal look like.




  1. Hi, I would like to seek some answers about Kota Belud, for I read in some sources that Kota Belud is the 'darkest' area of the whole of Sabah.

    Is there any particular part of Kota Belud where the balanbalan is most famous at?

    Other than the balanbalan, what more paranormal activities and ritual is famous at Kota Belud?

    Why is Kota Belud considered the 'darkest' area of Sabah, any historical context to it or anything that you know off?

    Thank you.

  2. Hi I'm from Sabah and my grandparents lives in Kota Belud.Which places usually the Penanggal is seen?

  3. Hi I'm from Sabah and my grandparents lives in Kota Belud.Which places usually the Penanggal is seen?