Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Hundred Years haunted Mension Relau,Penang

The drive from Relau “Kei Tak Sek” food court only take 5 minutes and surprisingly the haunted bungalow just located beside a recreation park. It is so wired, how come this haunted building is still located beside the “Taman Metropolis Relau”. 

This is the view from outside the haunted scence. I was dare enough to get close for photo, while Micheal waiting for me inside the car.

According to the local legend here this building has been here for hundred years. This building is very strange, there is a swimming pool inside this mansion. Normally, the swimming pool will be build outside the house instead. However, this one is so wired.

It is learnt that a woman committed suicide in the swimming pool at the mansion after her parents objected to her relationship with a man. Another rumour has it that two people drowned in the pool, of whom one was the owner’s son. Nearby residents dare not venture near the mansion at night.
The Star Newspaper even interview a factory operator M. David Raj, 19, who hangs out there with his friends and cousins for the past five years, said he had on several occasions smelt fish curry while they were there at about 7pm. A friend who uttered some vulgar words was sent tumbling down the stairs and a nun claimed that she saw many souls there .
I only managed to take the pictures of surounding area only without exploring deeper as the time is getting late.
You can see there is a temple that built just next to the haunted mansion. It is said that this will keep the souls inside the mansion so that they will not leave this place to hurt people.

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