Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Return to the Pudu Jail

Posted by Arwin John in Paranormal Investigation Report

In April 9 2012, 11.30pm I revisited the Pudu Prison for my forth investigation to conduct my solo ghost research at the famous Pudu Prison. Previously, i had successfully captured tons of amazing video evidence of spirits that haunt the Pudu prison, especially at the famous first floor corridor where a black apparition keeps appearing to show itself upon the request i made towards the spirit of the dead.

As I return to this notorious prison that is well known for its darkest history and all the bloodshed during the World War 2, the haunting thoughts of former inmates, prisoners and those who had died here during World War 2 begin to brew within my mind. Sensing the residue of the past dark history, I once again feel what it’s like to be within a small and dark cell equipped with a window only the size of a shoebox. I took my usual walk to feel the surrounding of the prison and to get in touch with my inner soul to make contact with the spirit’s than is still emotionally tied to the grounds of the haunted Pudu prison cells.


In my previous visit, the Pudu prison used to be a in x shape but now all it remains is the y shape. Part of the wing corridor has been brought down due to the deconstruction of the prison. To my surprise, now I noticed most of the supporting pillars were destroyed as well leaving only pathways that is too dangerous for anyone to walk on. From all this fast paced deconstruction works, I don’t think the Pudu jail will even survive till December. It might be totally brought down completely, earlier than I thought.


I continued walking and feeling the place for about fifteen minutes and during that walk, I heard a sound of a prison cell door shutting which was very loud but I could not identify from where the noise came since it was pitch dark and i could barely make out which direction the sound was coming from nor which cell door shut by itself. It’s definitely a paranormal experience as I was the only person inside the entire Pudu prison. As i approached the first floor corridor where i had success in my previous investigation, I began to feel a sudden change in my emotions as if there is a spirit trying to communicate with my through emotions. I picked up the same feelings and energy that i picked up previously in my investigation at this exact point of the first floor corridor. I realized once again, that is the sign and a pointer where i will be placing my video camera for the night. I quickly placed my video camera’s aiming towards the corridor. It was the exact place where I had captured multiple spirits appearing in the form of black apparition. That night I was confident as I know I will capture something great. I began to talk to the spirits saying” this might be my last investigation while the Pudu prison is still intact before it’s completely brought down and i hope all of you will show me all the spirit configuration that is available in front of my video camera” and” please show your appearance in front of my video camera so I can share my research findings to everyone and understand life after death”. With that being said, i left my Sony night vision video camera running as i approach down to the ground floor.

As i was in the ground floor, the emotional feelings and spirit communication that i received through my mind and feelings begin to evaporate and i felt normal. There was the feeling of heaviness when i was upstairs in the first floor but as i get down to the ground floor it’s a much pleasant feeling. Those who are not used to dusty environment or confined place may find walking in the Pudu prison as something that is heart pumping and completely uneasy. Since the location is under deconstruction, there were lots of dust and debris everywhere. It can be hard to breath at some point due to lack of oxygen and extremely dusty and confined environment which even I find it hard to be in for more than 25 minutes. I had to get out of the building just to catch some fresh air and re-balance myself before i continue getting in to continue my investigation. It was that bad and stuffy. It’s extremely humid and hot while being inside. Imagine those prisoners who have been in their prison cell for the rest of their life’s not being able to see their loved ones, family, friends and above all when the time comes for them to be hung at the hanging chamber. It’s simply pure emotion and heaviness. The cries, sadness and anger still echoes within the prison cells.

My investigation lasted for about 2 hours. I spend about half an hour taking photographs around the ground floor while at the same time i experienced whispers as if someone is talking but it only lasted for a few seconds. It was difficult to conduct any voice recording due to the location itself that is located in the middle of the busy roads of Kuala Lumpur. On top of that, the sound of crickets was another factor why I can’t conduct any voice recording. There were too much sound pollution and contamination. I did an entire sweep of the location using my electromagnetic field meter but nothing was registered as something that was paranormal in nature. Although i had lots of personal experiences, but nothing was registered in the measurement devices that i was carrying with me. As time pasts, i was extremely exhausted and tired. I check my watch it was already 2.50am. During the last 10 minutes of my recording, i confidently went up to the first floor corridor to collect my video cameras. As i collected my cameras, I wished the spirits “thank you for helping me in my investigations and thank you for showing yourself in front of my video camera for helping me understand spirit configuration. “Hope to see you all again soon and good night.” After saying that, i immediately packed everything and headed down to the ground floor as I made my exit from the great Pudu Jail at sharp 3am. It was a great night being able to investigate one of my favourite locations in Malaysia. As I exit the entire building, i catch a glimpse of the pudu jail for one last time and headed straight to my hotel which is just opposite the Pudu prison.

The following day i reviewed my entire footage of video that was taken at Pudu Prison. In to the second minute of the entire video, out came the black apparition that was previously captured at the same first floor corridor at the Pudu Prison. This investigation was not only a success, but a amazing success. The spirits of the Pudu prison was kind enough to accept my request and show themselves in many different and multiple spirit configurations. The entire research findings and review will be updated next week. Not 1, not 2, not 3, but more than 4 spirits in the form black apparition was captured in Pudu Prison. Be patient, as i will upload the videos soon. Once again, Malaysian Paranormal Research has decoded the mystery and the haunting of the famous Pudu Prison. Malaysian Paranormal Research in the fist ever team and organization to investigate the Pudu prison using scientific equipments and high standards and protocols. Malaysian Paranormal Research is also the first ever organization to capture evidence of spirit’s at the Pudu prison.

Below is the official blue print and the plan of Pudu Prison and some other pictures.

You also can watch the video about Pudu Jail  and the captured spirit on camera below.


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