Tuesday, 18 December 2012

St Michael’s Institution, Ipoh

A group of Catholics missionaries arrived here in 1912 and began building a school next to the famous Kinta River.  

It did not take long for the missionary brothers who ran the school to have enough funds to erect a huge school building with unique French structural design. When the WW2 broke out, the school was used but Japanese secret police as their headquarters. Needless to say, there were lots of torturing carried out.

The buidling itself had many tunnels which had been sealed off and the tunnels were said to be used by the Japanese to torture prisoners and to store food. Most of the sightings occurs in the Chapel on the fourth floor of the bluiding where a Brother was seen dressed in a black robe holding praying beands in a sitting position facing towards the door (which leads to the brothers quarters) in the very early morning without a head. Those who had witnessed it were asked to keep it a secret.


“Last two tickets for the day, last two tickets” That is the call for people who want to travel in the “tunnel” from SMI to “Main Convent”.

Is there a tunnel at St Michael's? If yes, where is it? Tunnels have been discovered at the High Court, Railways Station and even the police station. It is not impossible to have one at St Michael's. There is no smoke without fire. Generations of Michaelians had this question and the only answer given by the Brothers or fellow Michaelians is “There is no such thing as a “tunnel” at SMI”.

Michaelians being Michaelians, never giving up their quest for the truth and have found a lead in solving the mystery. Since there is no way leading to the “tunnel” from the Chubb Door under the grand granite staircase, the only way will be from somewhere else.

“Mystery is finally resolved”

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